Epiphone history dates back to the late ’30s and early ’40s when Les Paul and fellow guitarists such as Charlie Christian and George Barnes were at the forefront of jazz guitar.

Epi Stathopoulos and Les were good friends and Epi would let Les use the Epiphone factory on 14th Street in New York City at night after hours to experiment on guitar and pickup designs. This also was the era when Les, inspired by the stinging sustain heard in electric steel guitars, began dreaming of making a solidbody guitar. He built his first, the legendary “Log,” at the factory in 1941.

Over the years, Les continued to work closely with Epiphone luthiers, reviewing new product ideas and offering suggestions.

The Epiphone brand is now owned by Gibson

Newer guitars may be manufactured in China at Daewon Musical Instrument Co.  Established Daewon China factory in Dalian, Northern China In 2001.

Older guitars may be made in Korea at Un Sung Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. Established in 1987, Inchon, Korea.

Vintage models may be made in Japan or the USA

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